First Armour
Ballistic Helmet (PASGT)

Ballistic Helmet

PASGT Helmt -JPH).jpg


PASGT HELMET-JPH has several models that upgraded with different functions and uses: Bolt free helmet, AC helmet, CM helmet, Com1 helmet, Com2 helmet, Com3, Com4 helmet. Used by ground military forces and units.


Boltfree Model (JPH-BF)

Bolt Free Helmet Model (JPH-BF).jpg

Combat Helmet Model (JPH)

Combat Helmet Model (JPH).jpg

ACH Helmet Model (JPH-AC)

ACH Helmet Model (JPH-AC).jpg



Communication Helmet Model (JPH-COM1)


Communication Helmet Model (JPH-COM2)


Communication Helmet Model (JPH-COM3)

PASGT - COM3.jpg

Communication Helmet Model (JPH-COM4)


´╗┐Ballistic Helmet (PASGT HELMET-JPH)

Bullet Protection 9mm mailto:FMJ@426%20m/s .
Fragmentation Protection V50>600m/s (17 gr. Fragment)
Gross Weight (Medium)   1.250 kg
Shell Weight (Medium) 0.995 k
Thickness 8.5 mm
UN/Moisture Protection Resin matrix, coated surface, edge trimmed
Size Medium (55-58) cm, Large (58-62) cm.
Colours Black, Olive Green, UN Blue, Tan, Camouflage and Dark Blue.  
Optional Extras Removable Visor, Communication Devices, Camouflage Cover and NV (Night Vision), Rails for Cameras

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