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Ceramic Ballistic Plates Model CBP/4/ L ( ICW ) 2.300 kg

 Ceramic Ballistic Plates Model CBP/4/ L  ( ICW ) 2.300 kg

  • Protection: Level IV (ICW) In-conjunction with soft armour level IIIA 9 mm .
  • Ballistic Performance: Tested against 7.62x63 mm M2 AP round in accordance with National Institute of Justice Standard for Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor (NIJ Standard–0101.04 / P-BFS) .
  • Hard Armor Material: Ceramic.
  • Exterior Material: Nylon fabric- Nylon fabric-Adhesive fabric.
  • Size: 250x300mm.
  • Shape: Double Curve.
  • Weight: (2.300±5% kg).
  • Warranty: We guarantee our products for FIVE years from delivery date against all defects in material and workmanship and guarantee that the material does not lose its ballistic characteristics if properly stored and used.